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Cold Rolled Steel, High Carbon Steel, Hardened Tempered Steel, Heat Treatment Steel

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  • MaterialS45C,S55C,SK5,SCM435,50CrV4,SAE1078,CS80

[HT International Co., Ltd]

  • South Korea South Korea
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We are specialized in all kinds of Cold Rolled High Carbon Steel, Carbon Tool Steel, Alloy Steel, Hardened & Tempered Steel(Heat Treatment Steel), Texture Steel(Bartex Steel).

(1) Cold Rolled High Carbon Steel, Carbon Tool Steel, Alloy Steel
   * Specification
Thickness : 0.50mm-5.7mm,  Width : 10mm-450mm)
     Surface : bright
     Materials : S35C,S45C,S50C,S55C,S70C,SK3,SK4,SK5,SAE1080,SCM435,SNCM220,50CrV4

(2) Hardened & Tempered Steel(Heat Treatment Steel)
       * S
Thickness : 0.30mm-3.2mm,  Width : 30mm-450mm)
        Surface : unpolished bright, Dark blue
        Materials : S45C, S50C, S55C, S70C, SK3, SK4, SK5, SAE1080, SCM435, 50CrV4

(3) Texture Steel(Bartex Steel)
       * S
Thickness : 0.10mm-0.50mm,  Width : 7mm-450mm)
        Surface : bright
        Materials : SK5, SAE1078, CS80